Tulane University Evacuates All Students Amid Power Outages

Tulane University began evacuating students to Houston early Tuesday and is set to close for two weeks after Hurricane Ida damaged New Orleans’ power grid. Students were required to be off campus by 5 p.m. as buses evacuated those who were on campus. The university said students would remain in Houston, with food and lodging provided by the university, until they could arrange their own flights home. “Classes will resume online only beginning September 13 through Wednesday, October 6, to give the city time to repair and reinstate power and other critical services,” the university said in a statement. More than 1 million people remain without power in Louisiana, including in New Orleans, the state’s most populous city, and in the state of Mississippi, after the Category 4 hurricane made landfall.  Utility company Entergy said all eight electric transmission lines that feed New Orleans are out of service, with one tower falling into the Mississippi River. Authorities said it could be days, even weeks, before power is fully restored, raising further concerns over residents falling ill from the area’s searing late-summer heat, which forecasters say could go as high as 32-degrees Celsius this week. 

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